Organizational Development

Organizational Development

At Mission to Vision Communications we take a holistic approach to the development and growth of non profit organizations. Our services are designed to support and integrate all the strategic areas of the operation.

Our “Vision” Centred Model

Strategic alignment across all of the functions and departments of the organization is a central tenet of our approach to organizational development. To accomplish this we believe in building shared vision in organizations as part of the everyday management process.

Keeping the vision central to the planning and management process not only helps to align departmental priorities but it also serves to assert the vision in annual business planning and budget decisions. Keeping the vision “in play” through all the strategic activity of the organization also allows for ongoing vision evaluation, stakeholder input, and annual benchmarking and measurement against performance.

A Holistic Approach

The Mission to Vision Communications approach to organizational development is grounded in:

  • Integrated strategies for: sustainable revenue growth and fundraising; service capacity development; and membership/client growth
  • Current and trend market conditions
  • Capacity and feasibility assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Creative re-positioning of the organization’s market strengths
  • Branding opportunities and supporter engagement
  • Long range strategic and financial planning
  • Appropriate organizational structural design
  • An efficient and effective board governance and staff management partnership

Our Services

• Membership, Donor and Advocacy campaigns

• Major Gift and Sponsorship campaigns

• Case for Support development

• Direct Mail

• Donor and data management

• Governance and board development

• Strategic business & financial planning

• Vision development

• Policy development

• Organizational design

• Interim and transitional management

• Performance measurement

• Stakeholder/ Member engagement and consultation

• Volunteer recruitment and training