Enhancing the Delivery of your Mission towards the Achievement of your Vision

As our name advocates, Mission to Vision offers our clients a comprehensive set of services designed  to help organizations clarify or re-commit to their mission through a focus on their capacity for sustainable growth, and developing measures and organizational resources for more effective program delivery. Through the lens of capacity development we help charities, NGO’s, community and government organizations build a strategic future vision in which the organization can provide greater outcomes for stakeholders, members or clients.

We offer a unique and tested strategic consultation process which is designed to engage the participation of the stakeholders in your organization, and assist them to develop shared principles for mission delivery and enhanced knowledge of capacity development strategies unique to your organization. The process can be short, or long and gradual in roll-out, but always helps organizations define and articulate their short and long range vision. The process always strives to be practical and remains grounded in defining the needs of the client groups served by the organization, evaluating the design of the organization’s program delivery and performance metrics, financial planning, fundraising, and other management strategies related to sustainable capacity growth.

We follow up our strategic consultations with hands-on assistance to create annual or multi-year strategic  business plans. We also offer a wide range of creative communications, marketing, fundraising, and donor management services to assist you in building meaningful connections and relationships with your stakeholders and supporters.

Services and Resources for organizational development, strategic business planning, fundraising development, stakeholder engagement, communications, and governance excellence.

Mission to Vision Communications is an experienced and trusted consultant and service provider  dedicated to the strategic and sustainable growth of non profit organizations in Canada. We can provide service in a variety of capacities: as consultants, as trainers, as planning facilitators, or as virtual staff and team members. We can provide a wide range of cost effective resources to assit with organizational development challenges.

Prior to founding Mission to Vision Communications, our Creative Director, Timothy Feher served for 30 years as a provincial and national executive director for a number of Canadian charities, membership organizations and governmental agencies. Tim has led significant fundraising campaigns, major marketing and communications programs, community program development initiatives, and has developed a scholarly and practical approach to strategic business planning, capacity development, and enhanced governance in the non profit sector.

Creative and Targeted Communications which can compete for attention in a crowded marketplace

There are more than 160,000 non-profit organizations across Canada competing for the attention and support of donors, members, funders, subscribers, volunteers, sponsors and policy makers. The services of Mission to Vision Communications are designed to enable both large and small organizations to engage more effectively and strategically with local, provincial and national audiences.

We provide our clients with: a comprehensive approach to message development designed to reach different niche and target audiences; brand articulation which will differentiate your organization; production of creative communications content that will attract attention; and messaging and engagement strategies which will build effective public, donor, stakeholder, government, and news media relationships.

Furthermore we can provide the creative and technical resources to produce fully realized creative media content for our clients- website design, video production (in-studio and on-location), documentary and web TV, podcast, photography, graphic design, and print materials.

Comprehensive Capacity Development to build sustainable and effective non profit organizations which are vital to our community

Whether the vision for your organization is to grow service capacity, acquire sustainable financial resources, increase your membership and donor base, enhance your brand and cause awareness, influence policy and legislative change, or engage directly with your public on the web through creative digital media,  Mission to Vision Communications will be a an accountable and value added complement to your team.


Timothy Feher
Principal, Lead Consultant & Creative Director
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• 30 years experience as a Non-Profit CEO and National Executive Director with Canadian organizations (Strategic business planning, Organizational development,Board governance facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement, Government and Funder Relations, Chapter/Federation Management, HR Development).
• Experienced leadership of annual major gift fundraising and capital campaigns  $10- 30 million.
• Creative and strategic design of provincial and national marketing and communications campaigns for charities and NGO’s.
• Creative skills in digital media production: writing, photography, radio-video-television production.
• B.A.A Media Communications – Ryerson University.
• Post Graduate Executive MBA Program – Queen’s University School of Business (Non Profit Management.)
Our Services

  • Strategic business planning
  • Fundraising development (individual and major gifts, corporate,sponsorship)
  • HR development/training/policy development
  • Capacity building and Performance evaluation
  • Communications, Branding, Marketing
  • Creative Digital Media production (video, photography, website, social platform, graphic design, automation of communications)
  • Governance and Management consulting/training