Clients and Current Projects


Clients and Current Projects


Recent Clients

Ottawa Choral Society/ Ottawa Music Arts Workshop (Ottawa PopStar Experience) / Canadian Tulip Festival (Music and Arts) / Music and Beyond Festival Ottawa / St. Paul University / United Way of Greater Toronto /  United Way Ottawa / Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Canada / Kids Helpline / Covenant House / Ministry of Citizenship and Culture / Toronto and Region Conservation Authority / Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto / City of Toronto / City of Pickering / Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada / Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society / Lifesaving Society Canada / Schizophrenia Society Canada / Brain Injury Association of Canada / Bereaved Families of Ontario / Health Sciences Research Council Canada / Peacemakers (Toronto) / Canadian Nurses Association / Emergency Nurses Canada

The Messaging Workshop

The Workshop has been delivered by Mission to Vision Communications to hundreds of organizations across Canada. The Messaging Workshop process  was initially designed and launched  by Timothy Feher in 2000, following a request by senior management at the City of Pickering to assist communications staff with their efforts to create a new approach to clarify, articulate and target City communications and engage taxpayers on many fronts from health, to recreation, to city services, and future municipal and regional growth. The outcomes of the workshops provided the City with a messaging plan which could be used by all city departments while also providing the creative content for the City’s website and print materials.

The Messaging Workshop process  can be conducted over one, or several sessions, with the participation of key stakeholders in your organization. You can also refresh your communications plan annually using the outcomes of the Workshop. The Messaging Workshop also helps to narrow focus, articulate value of the organization’s offering, ensure truth, and build a common language and shared vision across your organization. As a follow up to the Workshop, Mission to Vision creative staff can provide you with a wide range of communications content such as : branding creative (words, design, and images), key corporate messaging templates for all departments, corporate videos, and new website design and content.

Mission to Vision Communications offers you an introductory session of the Focus Workshop at no cost.

Mastering Board Governance Leadership

There is an unspoken crisis in the organizational governance of small and large organizations alike. Well managed, effective and efficient oversight of non profit organizations, by a well trained, coordinated, resourced and accountable Board of Directors, is essential for organizational sustainability, solvency and  growth. But a recent survey (by Mission to Vision) of more than 1,000 non profit Board of Directors  across Canada (large, medium and small) revealed considerable deficiencies in most of the areas in which Board respondents were asked to respond. The weakest areas are board meeting management and facilitation, Board member recruitment, financial oversight, financial controls management, long range financial planning, Board-led organizational performance evaluation, performance metrics monitoring, and meaningful Board engagement in strategic planning for sustainability and growth.

Based on 30 years of consulting with non profit Boards regarding effective governance approaches, Timothy Feher  has designed a suite of services to help your Board (and senior management) master the principles, fiduciary skills, and governance disciplines for effective Board leadership.

The program is designed around your organization’s own governance model as dictated by policy or your bylaws. Where governing practices are less defined in your policy or current practices the program can be used to develop an effective Board Governance model and set of leadership practices most suitable to your organization.
The program can also be used to clarify and formalize the partnership and accountability between senior management staff and volunteer Board members. In fact the program is also designed to orient senior staff to improved methods for working with their Boards.

At no cost Mission to Vision  offers you an introductory seminar “Mastering Board Governance Leadership”  delivered by our lead consultant Timothy Feher.


Seeing the Big Picture:
Strategic Business Planning and Organizational Development using our “Big Map” process


Developed by Mission to Vision Communications, The Big Map is a visual planning model which helps to clarify your organizational and business development strategy. The Map takes into account the unique strategic, business and developmental challenges of your organization.

Facilitated by our Mission to Vision team, The Big Map helps your senior management team and Board create a functional model of how your organization works internally and externally in the marketplace. It will assess the operational strengths of your organization, focus capacity development initiatives, develop performance metrics, and identify necessary synergies and connectivity within and outside of the organization. The Big Map process engages the input of your stakeholders, and identifies and collects the vital organizational development and business planning data that you need for decision making.

The Big map offers the ideal platform for building your annual business plan and budget because it is vision and achievement focused . The modeling process is designed to produce real and manageable outcomes for your organization. If you are about to launch a new initiative, or perhaps are struggling with the sense that your organization’s performance is “spinning its wheels” have a look at the big picture through the Big Map.

Contact or Creative Director and Lead Consultant Timothy Feher for more information at 613-219-8655

Mission to Vision commissioned to produce Children’s Mental Health education video series and children’s album for Ontario schools: “The Magic Mirror”


These are extraordinary times of civil conflict, negative global environmental changes, excessive media exposure, and threatening health pandemics. It is increasingly difficult to protect children from the stressors of daily life. The Magic Mirror web TV series and children’s album provides children with resiliency skill development towards effective mental health management. The program offers a sensitive, compassionate, and honest conversation with children about coping with life’s challenges.

Our Creative Director Timothy Feher  accepted the commission (from Health and Social Sciences Research Council Canada, St Paul University in Ottawa and Dr. Laura Armstrong)  to write a and produce the web TV series, compose a children’s album of songs, and produce the music videos which conclude each of the episodes. Produced at Mission to Vision communication’s west Ottawa video production studio, in partnership with our recording studio partner Sound of the Muse Records (where Timothy also serves as Creative Director, music producer and composer under his name in the music industry – “Timothy Trieste.”)

The web TV series and children’s album is designed to be the on-line instructional component of a program for home and school, The objective of the program, targeted at 5-10 year-olds, is to  introduce the concepts of  good mental health management: identifying your feelings, being aware of your thoughts (which give way to feelings), and being mindful of the reactions and behaviours that stem from feelings and thoughts, and how to better manage them.

For more information about our video production, photography, podcast and recording studios in west Ottawa please contact our Creative Director, Timothy Feher at 613-219-8655