Message Development

Assisting non-profit organizations tell
their story and focus their messages
for maximum reach, resonance,
and response.

Message Development

One of our key objectives at Mission to Vision Communications is to assist non-profit organizations tell their story for maximum reach, resonance and response.

We have adopted these three R’s as the guiding imperatives for our communications and marketing services.

Getting the Messages Right

Our process begins with the refinement and creative articulation of your organizational mission and vision.

Next we work with you and your stakeholders to determine and creatively articulate your key strategic messages. We’ll help refine and customize these messages for different audiences and niche markets.

Getting the messages right or re-positioning them for your different strategic purposes are our key objectives for enhancing reach, resonance and response of your communications or marketing campaigns.

The Focus Workshop

Mission to Vision Communications offers a unique approach to message development.

The Focus Workshop does just that. It helps organizations focus and sharpen their messaging, communications and branding.

It’s also an approach that also helps to clarify vision, align the language and objectives of the different departments in an organization, define the case for support, and pin point the value of the organization’s services to the community.

By sharpening the messages annually, The Focus Workshop can create the foundation for your organization’s annual communications and marketing strategy.


Our Services

• The Focus Workshop

• Mission, Vision, Strategy articulation

• Case for Support

• Copy Writing

• Newsletters

• Annual Reports

• Donor Solicitation and Fundraising Campaigns

• Government Communications

• News Media Communications

• Positioning for crisis response or campaign launch

• Messages for different market segments