The Focus Workshop

The Workshop and its follow-up elements are designed to assist organizations clarify, develop, articulate, streamline and creatively package their key messages.

The exercise, which can be conducted annually or every 2 or 3 years, is the very foundation for both a communications and a marketing strategy. The Focus Workshop also helps to build a common language and shared vision across your organization.

Mission to Vision (M2V) offers an introductory session of the Focus Workshop at no cost.


The MBA Governance Program --
Mastering Board Administration and Leadership

An effective and efficient Board of Directors is an essential prerequisite for organizational growth. The MBA Program can be presented as a formal training course, or simply a series of orientation workshops.

Based on 30 years of consulting with non profit Boards regarding effective governance approaches, MBA is designed to provide your Board members with a comprehensive outline of their fiduciary, strategic, leadership and governing responsibilities. The program is designed around your organization’s own governance model as dictated by policy or your bylaws.

Where governing practices are less defined the program can be used to develop efficient Board Governance models and leadership practices most suitable to your organization. The program can also be used to clarify and formalize the partnership and accountabilities between senior management staff and volunteer Board members. In fact the program is also designed to orient senior staff to improved methods for working with their Boards.