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Mission to Vision Communications
Ottawa • Toronto

Mission to Vision Communications is Canada’s first development and marketing agency dedicated to the sustainable growth and promotion of charities and non-profit organizations.


Competing for attention in a crowded marketplace

There are more than 160,000 non-profit organizations across Canada competing for the attention and support of donors, members, funders, subscribers, volunteers, sponsors and policy makers.

The services of Mission to Vision Communications are designed to enable both large and small organizations to engage more effectively and strategically with a local, provincial or national audience.


Moving from mission delivery to vision achievement

As our name advocates, Mission to Vision Communications encourages sustainable growth for non profit organizations through strategic services and marketing tools designed to enhance mission delivery by steering towards vision achievement. We offer a consultative process to help organizations define and articulate their long range vision and performance metrics. We follow up this process with assistance to activate the vision through the design of a strategic business plan. Finally we offer a wide range of creative communications and marketing services to brand the organization’s messages in the marketplace to connect directly with stakeholders and supporters.


Comprehensive development and marketing services

Whether the vision for your organization is enhanced service capacity, sustainable financial resources, increased membership and donors, enhanced brand and cause awareness, or policy and legislative change, the Mission to Vision Communications team is available to complement your team.